MegaTel SIM card

Your first IoT card, which you can
customize/adjust to your needs!

  • create your own package content
  • create your own validity period
  • one-time payment
  • the ability to upgrade content

Being connected means
being smart!

Devices are mostly not connected to the Internet, and consequently each device needs own management managed by the team on-site. Connecting the device to the Internet with simple SIM card insertion means that device become smart as it is able to share collected data like electricity, water and heating consumption, temperature, humidity, tracking of assets and waste management.

With deep analyses and combinations of collected data different types of resources can be optimized (not to water plants if rain forecasted, not to heat business offices if sun forecasted), resulting in predictions, as our life and businesses benefits with improved quality of life and greater insight into our business.


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MegaTel is official MVNO service provider, located in EU, Slovenia, offering Cellular / M2M 2G, 3G, and 4G technology as they have been for a long time the only option for remote device connectivity.

There are lot of other technologies on the market like LPWA and WLAN, cellular 5G gains momentum and promises a new era of connectivity through its massive bandwidth and extremely low latency.

However, do not wait for new and sexy technology, START RATHER NOW and MAKE YOUR BUSINESS A SUCCESS!